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Potatoes beget potatoes!

I posted a notice on my cooking blog ( about a sale that Safeway is having for potatoes ... 10 pounds for just .99 cents! A regular reader commented about a post she'd made about how just one pound of potatoes can grow into 100 pounds of potatoes. Check it out at:

Since Saturday, we now have 10 bags of potatoes, each with 10 pounds. That's 100 pounds right there for ten dollars. (I actually bought 11 but gave one to mother-in-law.) As I bring out a bag of taters to cook with, I'll look through and put aside any that look like they'll sprout. We'll use the un-sprouting taters over winter. Those that sprouted or look like they'll sprout, we'll quarter, sprout and plant in the Spring.

Good way to utilize my money, don't you think?

Used a whopping 4 potatoes to make crockpot potato soup for dinner. Yum!


Trashdigger said...

4 potatos would feed one of my kids.. To make a good pot of potato soup takes about a ten pound bag with carrots

ThrtnWmsFam said...

wow! i thought my teenager eating 2 baked potatoes (the only way he'll eat them) was a lot!

hope you stocked up big time when they were on sale at safeway last week.